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Policies & Procedures

The CYS organization is based on the fundamental principle that, as with any other high-level endeavor, dedication and teamwork are a given - professional responsibility is critical to musical excellence. Absences from rehearsals are detrimental to the orchestra's progress and counterproductive to your own personal growth, regardless of how accomplished a musician you may be. The Music Director and coaches prepare their rehearsal schedules based on full attendance from every section. 

We understand, however, absences may be unavoidable due to special circumstances. For this reason the following attendance policies will apply:

ABSENCES: A maximum of 4 (four) absences will be allowed during the year for any reason. Attendance at ALL performances and dress rehearsals (rehearsals on the day of a performance) is MANDATORY

NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE FOR AN ABSENCE: Whether in the case of illness or other unanticipated emergencies, complete the online ABSENCE REQUEST FORM. Advance absence notification of at least three (3) weeks is certainly appreciated. Do not phone or email the CYS office.

TARDINESS: CYS believes that it is a matter of professional responsibility to arrive on time for all rehearsals. Arriving late is inconsiderate to your colleagues and the conductor. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to each rehearsal and be in your seat and ready to play 5 minutes before the orchestra is called to tune.

CONSEQUENCES: Please review the calendar information with your musician to ensure that there are no conflicts with family events and extra curricular activities. Conflicts that come up after the maximum number of absences has been reached should be discussed directly with the Music Director. Except in extreme cases such as a death in the family or severe illness or injury (accompanied by a signed doctor's note), accumulating more than four absences from rehearsal or absence from concerts may influence seating assignment, promotion to the next level, or invitation to remain in the current level, as determined by the Music Director and Orchestra Staff.

Code of Conduct

Every musician must demonstrate good conduct and respect for others at all CYS functions.  The Musicians' Council reserves the right to take action if a member acts in a way unbecoming of CYS, and may refer any problem to the Conductor and Board of Directors.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: It is the responsibility of every member to be sober and free of drugs at performances, rehearsals, camp, and any activity sponsored by CYS.  The possession and/or consumption of alcohol or an illegal substance is unacceptable.  Infraction of the substance rule will be dealt with as follows:

First offense: A first offense will be dealt with by the Musicians' Council as it sees fit.  If the musician is unable to perform or play his or her instrument, the musician's name will be given to the Conductor, who may take further action. 

Second offense: A second offense will be referred immediately to the Conductor and the Board of Directors.

FACILITIES: The orchestra is responsible for seeing that the rehearsal and performance facilities are left in good condition: tidy and undamaged. Open containers of food or beverages are not allowed in the rehearsal room. Packaging materials or other debris must not be left in the vicinity of the rehearsal rooms or performance halls.  Respect for these premises will help ensure their availability to the Orchestra in the future.

INSTRUMENTS & PROPERTY OF OTHERS: Each orchestra member is expected to respect the instruments and personal property of other members.  Damage to someone else's property is to be made good (repair or replacement) by the offending member. (A suggestion: member's parents should check their homeowner's or renter's or instrument insurance policies.)

CAMP: Code of Conduct and all camp rules must be obeyed.

ORCHESTRA TOURS: Code of Conduct and all tour rules must be obeyed.  Musicians' Council will meet with chaperones on tour as necessary. Final authority will rest with representatives of the Board of Directors.

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