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Valeria Pelka


Ms. Pelka began her career as a popular music guitarist. She graduated as a guitar player from the School of Popular Music of the Argentine Union of Musicians. In 2009, she took on the task of composing and producing her own first album-"El tiempoborrará"- which came out in 2010. In that album, Valeria performs as a composer, vocalist, guitarist, and arranger. 

Valeria's passion for orchestral music motivates her to enter the National University of the Arts to study Composition. Since then, she aims to create new ways of merging the sounds of academic music with several elements of Argentine and world-popular music through symphonic sound. She has premiered works in the USA, Russia and Argentina. In 2022 Valeria served as a jury at the International Composition Competition "New Music" - Saint Petersburg - Russia. 

In her over 35 years of experience, Valeria has researched and immersed herself in a large number of popular music genres. Her intention is to bridge the boundaries between popular and academic music. To this purpose, she set out to compose works inspired by typical rhythms of her country and South America. The premise is clear: to evolve these genres and their languages through different sonorities, harmonies, and structures than the traditional ones. 

With her pieces, she wants to give orchestras and academic music the opportunity to diversify their programs. Her purpose is to explore new ways of musical expression and regain the richness of the world’s cultures and their artistic legacies. 


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