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Major Supporters
Major Supporters

Major Supporters


California Youth Symphony continues to provide the highest quality and most enriching musical experiences for its students and audience members each year. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you will be a part of this positive identity - branding your business along side a widely respected and recognized CYS. There are many levels of sponsorships available depending on the size and needs of your company.

There are many opportunities to become one of CYS's Corporate Sponsors throughout the season. Contact the CYS office at 650-325-6666 if you are interested in corporate sponsorship.   


Many employers encourage and support employee altruistic philanthropy through matching gifts programs, thereby doubling or tripling the impact of your donation! Please check with your employer to see whether it offers a matching gift program. Often times, you will be required to submit a form to your employer with your donation amount and the date you made your gift.


How do I know if my company matches or not?
Many companies offer some form of giving or support to employees who donate to non-profit organizations. Since every company is different, please inquire with your human resources department. A list of companies who generously provided financial support to CYS is also available. Should you wish to review this list, please email us at or contact the CYS office.
Did you know that some companies will also match, in dollars, any volunteer hours you give to CYS? Please also ask your human resources department if they support voluntary hours, in addition to any direct donations that you do.
How do I process the matching forms and who do I send it to?
Many companies have a matching gifts form that needs to be completed and returned to human resources.
To simplify this process, complete your name and contact information on the matching gifts form provided by your employer and mail to our CYS office to the attention of Jim Hogan, Executive Director. REMEMBER: When sending the form, include your donation check or, if you have already donated this season, include the amount and method of your contribution (i.e., check,, or through our website).
Please note, some companies utilize their own intranet site when submitting matching requests for employees.  Follow the instructions on the company intranet site and please contact your Human Resources department for any questions. 
How are matching donors recognized?
Matching companies are recognized in a number of ways, depending on their giving levels.  Everyone is recognized through our professionally published concert programs. We list the name of your company and also signify any CYS members that make use of the matching program.

Thank you very much for considering ways to further support the California Youth Symphony!

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