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The CYS Benefit Raffle is a fabulous way to win valuable prizes while helping raise much needed funds for the 2019-2020 CYS Season.  

Grand Prize: Getaway Trip for Two to Paris or London - Winner chooses!
Choose When to Travel: Veterans Day Weekend, Nov. 7-11, 2020 or 
Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, Jan. 4-18, 2021 (see terms and conditions)
(List of additional prizes populated regularly.)
Drawing: June 21, 2020 - Tour Preview Concert - 2:30PM
San Mateo Performing Arts Center, San Mateo
Tickets: $10 each

Here are some details about the raffle.

  1. Each Senior Orchestra musician is required to sell at least 20 tickets (two bundles) at $10 each ticket. Half the proceeds from the two bundles (20 tickets) go to CYS. The process:
    • Each student's dues account will automatically be billed $100 for half the proceeds due to CYS.
      • Note: Balances owed on raffle tickets will reflect on the student's billing statements and must be paid in full by each statement deadline and/or the last tour rehearsal.
    • Once the musician collects $200 for selling all 20 raffle tickets, the musician keeps the proceeds from sales. 
      • The student can choose what to do with the other half of proceeds from raffle sales: save it as spending money for tour, save it for a rainy day, or do whatever makes them happy with their earnings.
  2. Students are encouraged to sell as many tickets as they can. A bundle consists of 10 tickets. Additional bundles can be obtained at rehearsal by contacting our Benefit Raffle Coordinator ahead of time. The student's account will automatically be billed for half the proceeds due to CYS.
  3. Final raffle ticket money is due by the last tour rehearsal on June 20, 2020. 
  4. A collection box for raffle ticket stubs is available at all CYS Orchestra concerts and at the first rehearsal of each month, unless otherwise stated. Please refer to the weekly newsletter for the latest updates. 
  5. IMPORTANT: Names on stubs for drawings have to be over 18 years old. Registered winners must be over 18 years old, but the free Companion ticket may be any age. Prize is transferable. 
  6. Fundraising volunteer hours are granted at end of season (4 raffles=1 hour)
  7. The top three salespersons will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card! 
  8. For more information about the Benefit Raffle, including terms and conditions, please click here. 

We encourage you to increase your fundraising goal past your required minimum. Generate support from your friends, family and social network, and gain invaluable social and marketing experience. In 2018, the average musician raised $300 (that's 60 tickets sold)! 


CYS expresses its deep appreciation for the generosity of organizations and individuals in support of our 2019-2020 CYS Season.

  1. Parisian Getaway - donated by Encore Tours
  2. $200 Gift Certificates from Allan Kuo Photography - donated by Allan Kuo
  3. Logitech bluetooth speakers - donated by Erin Lo & Logitech

If you are interested in helping CYS by providing additional prizes to make the raffle more attractive, please contact Mrs. Judy Chan at We very much welcome support in this way from all types of business. All contributors names will be mentioned and thanked in our program and other publicity associated with the season.

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