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Suggested Recordings


One of the best ways you can prepare for rehearsals is to become aurally acquainted with the pieces we will be performing. Listening to the music gives you a head start and will give you an idea of the style of the piece. We feel it is paramount that each CYS member listens to a piece PRIOR to rehearsing it in depth, and we want you to be familiar with the work before attending rehearsal. The list below is a suggestion, but in the end any recording is better than none. Listen to it, mark your parts, listen to how your part fits in within the section and the ensemble, practice along with the recording, bring your music to your private teacher and work on troubling spots (everybody in the ensemble should be taking lessons!), know where you come in the music and be secure and confident when you play your entrances (especially winds, brass, percussion)…we can do this! 

Yi: Spring Festival

Click here for the introduction to Spring Festival and to learn about the composer Chen Yi.

Click here for audio with score and info.

Molookpour: Persian Dance No. 2

Click here for Audio file from JW Pepper Music.
Click here for Audio file from SoundCloud

Wilhelm: Euphonium Concerto

We play the first movement only. Approx. 4 minutes.

Williams: Harry's Wondrous World

Really study the compound triplet section about 2:00 in!
The second video is with John Williams conducting the orchestra version.

Shimomura: Kingdom Hearts

Lovrien: Monkey Business

Video with the score to follow along!

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