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Fees can be reduced partially or entirely by participation in the "SCRIP" program and other fundraising programs listed below.  icket sales earn 100% credit and other fundraising programs also earn credit, which are applied against individual accounts. Other fundraising programs also earn credit, which are applied against individual accounts.  


Scrip is a certificate issued by a merchant and purchased through CYS that allows you to buy merchandise equal to the face of the certificate. Families receive a percentage of the face value of the certificate as credit to a musician's account.  It is entirely possible to pay all membership dues and even tour with scrip alone! Please read the Scrip Tip page for further details.  

Concert Program

Having an attractive and comprehensive concert program is not only important to ourselves and our audiences, but it enhances our image in the community as well. Since producing concerts at such premier locations such as the San Mateo Performing Arts Center or the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts costs us many thousands of dollars per year, it is essential that the local business community help support us through advertising. We encourage each CYS family to make a special effort to sell at least one NEW ad this season.  Individual musician’s accounts will receive credit based on the schedule below. Ads appearing for the second and subsequent years will be renewed by the CYS Office.

Credit earned for selling NEW ads is as follows:

1/8 page ad (4.5"x1" or 2.25"x2") $160 $30
1/4 page ad (4.5"x2") $235 $50
1/2 page ad (4.5"x4") $345 $75
Full page ad (5"x8") $460 $100
Inside Cover ad (5"x8") $485 $100

There are two (2) points to stress when selling an ad:

  • GOODWILL - CYS is worthy of support, having provided musical opportunities for thousands of young people for over 60 years. 
  • VALUE - programs are seen by thousands of audience members, alumni, funders, and other supporters throughout the year. 

Click on the image to the right to print an advertising sales form.  Feel free to make more copies.  Be sure to cut off the bottom portion and give that to the advertiser as a receipt.  Return the upper portion, along with the copy material, to the CYS office.  CYS will bill the advertiser.  "Camera ready" (copy materials that we do not have to typeset) is preferred but not mandatory.  For small ads, a business card is sufficient. For further details on format, please refer to the Advertise page on our website.

Showing the advertiser last season's concert program should help them decide which type of ad they might prefer. Please feel free to contact Judy Chan,, if you have any questions.

Ticket Sales for Symphony (Senior) Orchestra Concerts

When available at the office, you will receive CYS season tickets for your personal use or sale. Ticket sales are one of the best methods for members to earn funds, since CYS awards full credit for all tickets sold.  This means that if you sell a ticket for cash, or receive a check made out to you, you are free to keep the money. If the buyer prefers to make a check payable to CYS, forward the check to the office and the full amount will be credited to your account. You may request more tickets from the office or pick them up at rehearsal during the 2-3 weeks before a concert. 

As in past years, we will award prizes for CYS members who generate the largest audience attendance at each concert series. Therefore, be sure to put your name, group, and instrument on the back of each ticket that you sell or give away, so we will know who to credit.

Required Fundraiser

CYS’s annual raffle is a required fundraiser for all members of CYS. Each student is required to sell one book of raffle tickets to raise $200 at a minimum. There are awards for the top sellers and the top selling CYS program.

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