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  • Support your child by attending and encouraging others to attend CYS performances. 
  • Support CYS through your volunteer efforts & fundraising. 
  • Everyone is invited to participate in one of the following events to get to know each other, to make new friends, and to help CYS at the same time. Please click the following links to sign up:

Thank you for the opportunity to work and grow with your children and for your dedication and support of their musical careers. You are the magic that makes it all possible!

Please stay tuned throughout the season for ways to sign up:

More information throughout the season will be provided by the VP Coordinators. 

Parking Lot & Rehearsal Monitor (Assigned)

Seating Auditions Sept. 28, 2019 @ Almond Elementary

Associate Orchestra Workshops (All Dates) - Cookie Sign-up Sheet

December 8, 2019 - Holiday concert, San Mateo Performing Arts Center

March 1, 2020 - Festival Concert, Cañada College Theater, Redwood City

May 24, 2020 - Season Finale Concert, San Mateo Performing Arts Center

April Weekends - Season Entrance Auditions (TBD)

SIGN-UP GENIUS: If you have signed up to help with one of the pre-concert lunches, please add Signup Genius ( to your address list so that your reminders and updates don't get lost in your junk, social, or promotions folder.

Service Descriptions

AUDITIONS: This activity takes place in September (seating auditions) and in April (season auditions). Teams of two people work together dividing the jobs of checking in the musicians, showing them to practice rooms, and taking them to the audition room. It's a slow-paced, relaxing job.

BULK MAILING: There are four bulk mailings during the year; however, we will need volunteers only for the first bulk mailing in September. This will take place during rehearsal, usually on Photo Day.

CONCERT HOSPITALITY: This job involves bring/serving snacks to the musicians backstage. This activity takes place after the dress rehearsal and involves some setting up before the concert and cleaning afterwards.

CONCERT OPERATIONS: This job, which is primarily during the San Mateo concerts, involves helping with the various aspects and operations such as ticket sales, program distribution, backstage assistance, etc. You will need to arrive 45 minutes before the concert begins and work for about 15 minutes into the concert.

FLYERS & TICKETS: This entails distributing concert flyers and tickets to the musicians at the three (3) rehearsals before each concert series. Musicians are encouraged to put their names on the back of each complimentary ticket they give away and each ticket that they sell. The parent volunteer will count the tickets after the two (2) concerts so that a prize can be awarded to the musician responsible for bringing in the largest number of attendees.

PARKING LOT / REHEARSAL ROOM MONITOR: Parents are expected to pick up their children on time after rehearsal, but it doesn't always work that way. For the safety of our children, parents will take turns to stay after a rehearsal or a concert until all musicians are picked up.

Additionally, due to the large number of children involved in our programs, we request your help in monitoring student activities whenever you are present at a rehearsal or other event under the auspices of CYS. This includes help in the event of a building evacuation. Fire and building safety procedures will be presented at all parent meetings. Please also notify a CYS staff person if you become aware of any students violating any of the behavioral codes as defined in the Policies & Procedures.

Please refer to the schedule above to see which date you are assigned to serve as Parking Lot / Room Monitor. Some families may serve more than one turn. If you are unable to assist on your assigned date, you may request to switch with another family by contacting the family directly. Please inform the Orchestra Manager of any changes. More information will be provided to those parents monitoring parking lots at venues other than Almond Elementary School. Thank you for your help in ensuring the safety of our musicians - we appreciate your help with these matters!

WEBSITE ASSISTANCE: Graphic designers, photographers, videographers are welcome! Other tasks may also include scanning of CYS photo albums or researching and saving newspaper articles about CYS, in order to help build the "CYS History" page of our website.

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